Data dumps

Or, how to consume OpenStreetMap data.


The canonical method of consuming OpenStreetMap data requires non-trivial hardware. A snapshot of the current OpenStreetMap data base is acquired, loaded into a local data base, and then consumed by local tools.

Consider whether you will update your local data base periodically, or create a new one from scratch. You may need to configure your data base differently for each.

  1. Download current data base called a "Planet File"
  2. Setup local data base
  3. Load data into local data base with osm2pgsql or Osmium(?)

Periodic updates

Once you have a local, current data base, you might choose to update the data periodically, or create a new data base from scratch. Your choice will depend on your area of interest, frequency of updates, and perhaps other factors. Learn about Updating your data base.


If your geographical area of interest is substantially smaller than the entire planet, consider using a "Planet extract". Various third party sources create planet extracts on various schedules.

The process of consuming that data is the same as for the entire planet, but the files are smaller. This may reduce the requirements for hardware and for time consumed in loading the local data base.


For geographic interests that are limited to "city sized" areas, some specialty, small extracts are available from third parties.